20.04.2014 | Nizhniy Novgorod | Summer Language Program

We are happy to announce the launch of a summer language project initiated by the English Language School of Nizhny Novgorod Linguistics University, the American Institute of LUNN, the Library of American Literature, and NNELTA teachers.

21.04.2014 | Perm | Mix

Cross-cultural discussion club in English “Mix”: every Monday at 6 p.m.

24.04.2014 | Perm | Sorry, we are closed!

The last Thursday of a month is a cleaning day at the library. Sorry, we are closed! Please, mind our timetable and plan your visit in advance.


Erik Lundell, Sr. English Language Fellow

16.04.2014 | Moscow (AMC) | Teacher 2 Teacher Workshops

On Wednesday, April 16, the American Center in Moscow held a Teacher 2 Teacher Workshop with Erik Lundell, Sr. English Language Fellow. This time he spoke about content-based instructions.

15.04.2014 | Irkutsk (English Language Center) | English with Lizzy Smith

Every Tuesday and Wendseday at 5 pm Lizzy Smith is ready to speak English with Russian patrons

14.04.2014 | Perm | Movie club "Life on the Screen": “Kyle XY” and “Smallville”.

On our regular movie-club in English “Life on the Screen” AC patrons got chance to watch, compare and discuss pilot episodes of the TV-serials “Kyle XY” and “Smallville”.

Upcoming Events

21.04.2014 14:45
Earth Day
22.04.2014 16:00 - 20:00
Club “Let's speak English”
22.04.2014 17:30 - 20:00
Club “English 50+”


The jury at Tomsk AC contest
Arthur Mitchell